A List of Top Reasons to Visit London


London is one of the world’s greatest cities. Indeed, there are many who would say it is the greatest! The multi-cultural city has been buzzing with life for over 1000 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

There are many different reasons to visit the UK’s capital city.

The London vibe can change from one tube line stop to another. Expect blue-blooded royalty in areas such as Kensington, whereas creative artist royalty can be found in the hip areas of the city’s East End.

If you have any doubts about what to do when staying in London, here are a few ideas to help you on your way.

Book a Trip Down the River Thames 

There is something special about enjoying a chilled glass of your favourite tipple whilst on a sophisticated boat journey travelling through the heart of the city. See some of the most iconic buildings in the world pass by in the evening light. Big Ben, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge are all sights to be savoured on a River Thames trip.

This is the river on which the city was initially built.

Many have thrived upon it and made or lost their fortunes here. It is a place where anything is possible.

Visit the Amazing Bustling Markets

London’s markets have something for everyone. From high-class vintage finds along Portobello road to the punk ethic boldness of Camden Locks, it is possible to spend days searching through all the beautiful goods that London’s market traders offer. The Borough Market is renowned for its food quality and satisfies many hungry Londoners and tourists every single day. Covent Garden is another excellent place to find some unique gems, and there is the bonus of first-class street entertainment too!

Rub Shoulders with Royalty

You can’t mention London without mentioning the British Royal Family. After the marriage of Prince William to the Duchess of Cambridge and the birth of their first son Prince George, royal interest has never been higher.

The Queen is often in residence at both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The younger royals have been known to frequent many of the city’s most exclusive nightspots, and there is always plenty of pomp and pageantry around the institution of the Changing of the Guard.

World Class Arts and Culture

London is home to world-class art and cultural scene. Very few places on earth can match it. From the glorious shows put on in the heart of the West End to the buzzing independent art galleries in Hoxton and Shoreditch, there is always something new to discover in London.

Add to that the amazing collections held in national institutions, such as the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, and it is clear to see why London leads the world.

This is the place where people come when they want to make a mark, and there is no better place to try new ideas out.